Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin; Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2018

Online Platforms and how to regulate them: An EU Overview

The rapid rise of online platforms has characterized the digital transformation of the last decade. Their meteoric growth has caused concerns about market dominance and the widening information and power asymmetry between platforms and citizens, businesses and regulators...

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Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2018

La proposition de CFP: Quelle Continuté, quelles Nouveautés, quelles Suites?

Le 2 mai 2018, la Commission européenne a publié sa proposition de nouveau cadre financier pluriannuel (CFP) pour la période 2021-2027. Selon ses propres termes, elle a proposé « un budget à long terme nouveau et moderne, fortement axé sur les priorités politiques de l’Union...

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Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, Bertelssmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2018

Missions for EU innovation policy: why the right set-up matters

The introduction of research and innovation missions in “Horizon Europe” will be one of the most significant changes on previous EU research programmes. In the past governments used missions to steer technology breakthrough in various fields ranging from defence to climate...

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Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2018

The MFF proposal: What’s new, what’s old, what’s next?

On 2 May 2018, the European Commission released its proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), covering the years 2021-27. In its own words, the Commission tabled ‘a new, modern long-term budget, tightly geared to the political priorities of the Union at...

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Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2018

Takes two to tax. On fair taxation of the digital economy

The ongoing digital transformation poses enormous challenges to current tax law. This is, because value creation through intangibles raises problems to two core paradigms of international tax rules: where to tax and what to tax. In order to solve these problems, the European...

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Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2017

Looking for the silver bullet

The debate about the future of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) has taken a centre stage in the discussion about the future of economic and monetary union (EMU). This is partly due to the possible departure of the IMF from European programmes and to the idea to make...

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Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Publisher) (PDF)2017

Convergence: Are the Eurozone countries too different?

The Eurozone countries are economically different. The crisis has rendered some of these differences more acute and this could destabilize the currency union. The Eurozone countries therefore need to agree on which type of convergence is most important to them and the best...

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