EU to go – 11.07.2017

Euro politics: a look ahead

Zuhörer während der Veranstaltung

Under the title “Euro politics: a look ahead“, we presented our new publication series “Europa Briefing” in Berlin. The event was organized in the context of the joint project “Repair and Prepare: Strengthen the euro” between the Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin.

The ten-piece series aims at explaining key terms in the current debate on the future of Europe and the euro. Each briefing addresses a distinct policy area. We explain what the problem is, what possible options there are to move ahead, and what policy-makers can do now to enable an informed dialogue between political decision-makers and citizens in the election year 2017.

Particular attention was paid to two briefings: “Banking Union: How stable are Europe’s banks?” and “EU budget: What’s the cost of Europe?”. Philipp Ständer analyzed how stable Europe’s banks are almost eight year after the start of the euro crisis and what is in store for Banking Union. Jörg Haas presented scenarios for the future of the EU budget following the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU.

The talk was followed by a poster exhibition of the first six briefings. The slides for the event can be found here.